Lawn Treatments in Nixa MO

If you ever set foot in Nixa you will never want to leave again: the sun is shining, the weather is excellent, the lawns and gardens make this patch of Missouri any home and land owner’s dream come true. But Lawn Treatments in Nixa MO is a less seen problem, but a serious one which is maintained by the warm and moist summers and the large quantities of rain that fall in this region. Weeds are the lawns and landscapes’ enemies and when you think you just managed to wipe off the crabgrass, there are other ten weeds menacing your corner of Heaven. Luckily for those in need of Lawn Treatments, Nixa MO lawn owners, we are here to help you!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the weeds ruining your lawn? Are you constantly worried about flower bed weed control? Are you concerned about using all sorts of herbicides, substance blends or alternative methods? Our Lawn Treatments in Nixa MO have never been easier! We have years of experience in lawn care and weed control and we are here to help!

We work with trained agronomists all over the state and with the latest technology in order to keep your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful. We will personally assess the severity of the problem and come up with a personalized plan. We will provide a treatment program which won’t pass without being approved and supervised by our experts and you will see the results happening before your eyes. By offering an accurate diagnosis and a long-term treatment plan, including shrub and tree care services, we make sure your weed control problem will go away with minimum of efforts and maximum of results.

We know all about Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control; Nixa MO is where we’re at!

We have the mission to keep your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful; this is why we are working only with certified substances and equipment and with the best technicians in the state. We believe it is easier to prevent than to cure, therefore we offer a yearlong multi-step fertilization, weed control and disease prevention program and with each scheduled visit, our experts will monitor and apply treatment and weed control services when necessary. This integrated lawn care plan is developed so you can benefit from the best people in the field, tailored treatment, customized nutrients and substances, the best seeds on the market and a follow-up system for prevention and intervention whenever it’s needed. But you don’t have to believe what we write, but see for yourself what we do. Call us today if you are in need of Lawn Treatments in Nixa MO and we will fight the good fight for the health of your lawn!

No need to worry about lawn fertilization & weed control in Nixa MO

Keeping weeds under control can turn into a genuine nuisance, if mishandled. Luckily for you, we specialize in disease prevention, aeration, overseeding, and other services that will turn your property into the envy of the neighborhood. All our services also come with a 30 day guarantee: if you’re not happy with the work we’ve done for you, we will re-treat your lawn and landscape, completely free of charge. We also educate our technicians to monitor the results of their work over time; should a re-treatment ever be in order, you can be sure they will let you know. We also only use the finest commercially available grass blends and compounds, which are safe, sustainable, and efficient.

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Midwest has been caring for our lawn for the past year, and we couldn’t be happier. When we first called them, our lawn was suffering from patches of dead grass, and weeds galore. Now it is lush, green, and weed free. Highly recommended. Thanks guys!


Karen Singer