Lawn Aeration and Seeding Services In Ozark, MO.

Exceptional lawn care in Ozark, Missouri requires proper aeration and overseeding, learn more about these services that will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Aeration Lawn Service

The Ozarks typically have clay-heavy soils. These soils compact easily due to things like rain, lawnmowers, vehicle travel, foot traffic, etc.

The goal of aeration is to relieve compaction in the soil.

Aeration helps your grass to grow fuller and healthier when performed twice per year and needs to be done at least once per year at a minimum, preferably in the fall.

A core aerator will pull small ‘cores’ of soil out of the ground. This process causes the soil to spread out to fill in those gaps, which reduces soil compaction.

The result?

Looser, healthier soil that’s better equipped to grow beautiful, healthy turf.

To aerate your yard, some people choose to use a simple machine called a ‘spike aerator.’ These machines are cheaper to buy, rent, or hire out.

The problem with a spike aerator, however, is that it doesn't actually remove any material from the soil.

It just pushes spikes down into the soil to create holes, which increases compaction instead of reducing it.

A core aerator, like the machine we use, is a vastly superior method.

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Seeding with Overseeding

In the Ozarks, most of the grass is fescue. And fescue only propagated by seed. It doesn’t spread out on its own at all.

Therefore, to maintain a beautiful, full, healthy fescue lawn in Ozark, Missouri, you’ll want to utilize overseeding.

There are a few different ways to overseed your lawn.

In this area, many people tend to use the ‘broadcast’ overseeding lawn service method, which involves flinging seed out and onto the top of the soil.

This method is cheap and easy, and you can even do this yourself. The problem with it, however, is that the seeds rarely sink into the soil to germinate. As a result, most seeds will wash away or get eaten by birds and other animals.

And as a result, germination rates are low, and actual turf growth is minimal.

The better way to overseed, which is the method we use, is with an overseeding machine.

This machine rakes the grass and the soil beneath it while gently shaking the seed into the loosened soil.

This technique produces a much higher germination rate than merely throwing seeds on the ground.

Overseeding and aeration are especially important here in Ozark since we’re located in a ‘transition zone’ where it’s easy to grow weeds and pretty tricky to grow grass.

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