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Lawn care is a broad category of services intended to preserve the exterior of your property. We at Midwest Turf Pros are your one-stop shop for maintaining your grass and landscaping. To keep your lawn and garden in top condition, we provide specialized landscape maintenance plans! Fill out the form at the top of the page to request a quote or read more about our services below.

Mowing Service

The most fundamental lawn care procedure is mowing, which requires using a lawnmower to cut the grass to a specific height, string trimming any non-mowable areas, preserving the edging, blowing any debris off of hard surfaces, and spraying weeds in patios and drives. Schedules for this service can be weekly or biweekly.

Getting the property to a maintainable state is always the first step in the regular mowing service provided by Midwest Turf Pros. This includes using a blade edger to cut in the edging around curbs, sidewalks, and driveways; mulching or bagging up clippings from overgrown grass; and eliminating any weeds that are poking through concrete or other hard surfaces. After finishing this initial makeover, you are prepared for routine maintenance!

Lawn Treatment Service

Your grass needs lawn treatments to be thick, healthy, and green. The envious gaze of the neighborhood can be yours with a solid lawn treatment and watering schedule. Regular fertilization, weed control, and pest control are all included in lawn treatment programs. When necessary, disease treatment is handled. These packages maintain the health of your turf by eliminating and preventing weeds and promoting the healthy growth of existing grass. Continue reading to learn more about the components of a lawn treatment service.

Weed Control

Some weeds can be avoided, whilst others must be treated after they have sprouted. We use these two strategies to keep the weeds out of your grass. To reduce the use of superfluous herbicides after the initial treatment, all applications are made as spot sprays.



Robust grass is grass that is healthy. Our fertilizers are made specifically to make your lawn healthy right down to the roots, unlike some businesses that simply focus on the color of your grass. Grass that has been well-fed does much better in our summer climate and maintains its color longer as the seasons change.

Lawn Pest Control

Bugs can be a real nuisance in the lawn and should be addressed in a regular treatment program. We include grub control in every lawn treatment package so these suckers never have a chance to take over! At Midwest Turf Pros we believe in honest, transparent pricing so you'll never see us hide or double charge for grub control.

Disease Treatment

In our area, lawn diseases are frequent. However, they're not usually bad enough to treat. We keep an eye out for disease symptoms and let you know when treatment is necessary. Programs for fungus prevention are also offered.


Aeration Service

Are you prepared to quit wasting fertilizer, establish stronger roots, and conserve water? All of this is accomplished via routine aeration, which keeps the soil loose enough for plants to flourish. Aeration is accomplished by excavating tiny "cores" from the earth. This leaves openings that enable the spread of air, water, and nutrients. Compaction is relieved as the earth subsequently spreads out to cover these holes. Aeration is advised twice a year and ought to be done at least once a year. We advise combining an overseed with fall aeration. The period is ideal for overseeding and filling up any light barren patches.

Overseeding Service

To facilitate fresh growth, this service grows new grass over an existing lawn. This is frequently combined with a fall aeration service because seed needs to be covered by soil in order to germinate. The seeds germinate when they fall into the holes created by aeration. As part of a routine maintenance schedule, this is a fantastic technique to thicken an existing lawn.

Seed and Slice

The best way to handle significant bare sections is via a seed-and-slice service. With this service, large amounts of seed are dropped and then sliced into the ground to assure growth. This works better on more substantial bare spots or a patchwork lawn. In the initial year of a treatment program, many individuals will have this done, and they will then continue with routine aeration and overseeds to maintain in the years that follow. For optimal results, we advise planting fescue in the fall.

Seasonal Cleanup Service

Our seasonal cleanup services include two to three times a year of maintenance for mulch, beds, and bushes. These services ensure weed-free beds, groomed and healthy shrubbery, and year-round clear color for your mulch.

Landscaping Service

Landscaping entails planning and setting up landscaping elements to improve the overall beauty of the lawn, such as trees, bushes, and flowerbeds. We also install drainage systems, sod, rock and mulch beds, and many other things. Plans can be created with visual or practical objectives in mind. A consultation precedes the installation of any landscape. A customized solution will then be created to satisfy your unique needs.


Irrigation Services

Irrigation Installation

We install a variety of upgrade choices along with basic and high-efficiency systems. Each system is created to meet your individual watering requirements. After installation, all systems are covered by a one-year warranty.

Irrigation Service

Two visits per year are included in service packages. Winterization and backflow testing should be performed in the fall and spring, respectively, to prevent freezing damage. Service visits are planned as required.

Leaf Removal Service

Leaves can ruin your gorgeous lawn and destroy the grass, as well as drain the soil of nutrients and kill plants. Midwest Turf Pros' leaf removal services eliminate those unsightly mounds. To keep your lawn tidy all season, services can be organized as one-time cleanups or recurrent packages.


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