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Lawn care is a general term that covers many different services designed to maintain your home's landscape. At Midwest Turf Pros, we're your complete solution when it comes to lawn care and landscape maintenance.  We design custom landscape maintenance packages to keep every aspect of your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful! Read about our services below or get a quote by filling out the form at the top of the page.

Mowing Service

Mowing is the most basic lawn service, which involves cutting the grass to a certain height using a lawn mower, string trimming areas that can't be mowed, maintaining edging, blowing hard surfaces clear of debris, and spraying weeds in driveways and patios. This service can be scheduled weekly or biweekly.

Regular mowing service with Midwest Turf Pros always starts with getting the property to a maintainable state. This means cutting in edging around curbs, sidewalks, and driveways with a blade edger; mulching or bagging up clippings from overgrown grass, and killing any weeds growing through hard surfaces. Once this initial makeover is done, you're ready for routine service!

Lawn Treatment Service

Lawn treatments are what keeps your lawn green, healthy, and thick. When paired with a watering program your lawn can be the envy of the neighborhood. Lawn treatment packages include regular fertilization, weed control, and lawn pest control.  Disease control is addressed as needed. These packages kill and prevent weeds while helping existing grass to thrive by cultivating the health of your turf.   Read more about the different parts of a lawn treatment service below.


Weed Control Control

Some weeds can be prevented, while others have to be sprayed once they've come up. We combine both these tactics to keep your lawn weed free. After the initial treatment, all applications are done as spot sprays to limit unnecessary herbicide use.



Healthy grass is resilient grass. While some companies only focus on the color of your grass, our fertilizers are designed to keep your lawn healthy down to the roots. Well-fed grass tolerates our Summers much better and holds it's color longer as the seasons shift.

Lawn Pest Control

Bugs can be a real nuisance in the lawn and should be addressed in a regular treatment program. We include grub control in every lawn treatment package so these suckers never have a chance to take over! At Midwest Turf Pros we believe in honest, transparent pricing so you'll never see us hide or double charge for grub control.

Disease Treatment

Lawn diseases are not uncommon in our area. We keep an eye out for signs of disease and let you know when it needs to be addressed. Fungus prevention programs are also available.

Aeration Service

Ready to save water, grow deeper roots and stop wasting fertilizer? Regular aerations achieve all of this by keeping the soil loose enough for plants to thrive. Aeration is done by pulling small "cores" from the soil. The holes left by this allow air, water, and nutrients to get to the grassroots. The soil then spreads out to fill these holes, thereby relieving compaction. Aeration is recommended twice year and at a minimum should be done annually. We recommend pairing Fall aeration with an overseed. It's a great time to overseed and fill in light bare spots.

Overseeding Service

This service grows new grass over an existing lawn to promote new growth. Seed needs to be covered by soil to germinate, so this is usually paired with a fall aeration service. The seeds fall in the holes made from aeration and germinate. This is a great way to thicken an existing lawn as part of a regular maintenance plan.

Seed and Slice

Large bare areas are best tackled with a seed-and-slice service. This service uses a special machine to drop heavy rates of seed and then slice it into the soil to ensure growth. This is best used for larger bare areas or a lawn that is very patchy. Many people will have this done in the first year of a treatment program and then follow up with regular aeration and overseeds to maintain in the following years. We recommend planting fescue in the Fall for best results.

Seasonal Cleanup Service

We care for mulch, beds, and bushes two to three times a year with our seasonal cleanup packages. These packages ensure your shrubbery is trimmed and healthy, beds are weed-free, and your mulch has clear color year round!

Landscaping Service

This service involves designing and installing landscape features such as trees, shrubs, and flower beds to enhance the overall appearance of the lawn.  We install plants, rock and mulch beds, drainage systems, sod, and much more. Plans can be designed for athletic or functional goals. All landscape installations begin with a consultation. From there, a specific solution will be designed to meet your individual goals.

Irrigation Services

Irrigation Installation

We install both basic and high-efficiency systems with several upgrade options. All systems are designed around your specific watering needs. All systems are warrantied for one after installation.

Irrigation Service

Service packages include two visits a year. A backflow test/system turn on in the Spring, and a winterization in the Fall to prevent freeze damage. Service calls are scheduled as needed.

Leaf Removal Service

Leaves can cause all kinds of problems from killing grass, sucking nutrients out of the soil, and making a mess of your beautiful lawn. Leaf Removal Services from Midwest Turf Pros get rid of those unsightly piles.  Services can be structured as one-time cleanups or recurring packages to keep your lawn clear all season long.

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Midwest has been caring for our lawn for the past year, and we couldn’t be happier. When we first called them, our lawn was suffering from patches of dead grass, and weeds galore. Now it is lush, green, and weed free. Highly recommended. Thanks guys!


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